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Maintain your garden tools
                                       Maintain your garden tools
         After busy in gardening or working in our farm by garden tools. Do you know how to maintain them and keep the same quality with when you bought in store.

             garden tools
Step 1
Cleaning your garden tools.  With dry cloth, dry the garden tools after washing soil.
Step 2
Rust cleaning by a wire brush or wire brush, steel brush or wire steel pad attached to a power drill.
Step 3
Fixing the blade of  garden tools, by a vise or other tools firstly,  wearing cut resistant gloves on your hands and move sharping stone grit, mill file to sharpen the edge of blade. In order to decrease obstruction, when sharpening blade, please use a little water.
Step 4
After sharpening the blade, if there is still rusty. Please use sandpaper or sharping stone grit to get off.
Step 5
Once finishing above steps, your garden tools are sharpen and bright. Washing it and make it dry to coat some oil(machine oil,olive oil and so on) on blade of garden tools or wooden handles. Then stock them in dry and shade place.