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Skype: wdgardentools

Development of garden tools in China
Development of garden hand tools in China
           As one of more than 15 years garden tools manufactures. We saw the development of Chinese garden hand tools development.
        Before entering WTO, most manufacturers were selling their garden hand tools to local agriculture tools stores or trading company. In 2000,  China exported USD103,077,808.00 garden hand tools to world. But in 2002, the data is 135,685,545.00. It increased 31.60%. In the meaning, importing and exporting helps Chinese garden hand tools development. Especially from 2000---2010, only exporting value increased 3.5 times(It is usd482,318,805.00 in 2010.) 

      Not only the value of exporting increased, but also employees in garden hand tools industrial increased 4 times.  As market demanded in this 10 years(2010-2011,many new garden tools manufactures were built.  
        Once quantity reached the market demanded, innovation would be required. So after 2010, many manufactures learned from our manufacturer to design and research new styles or products to attract customers. Especially on garden tools set, kids garden tool set and  high quality pruner shears. These products are more beautiful and attractive.  
       In past two years, Chinese market is increasing dramatically. Many manufactures sell them online directly. Brand promotion and profit are very good.